This template helps you pull your design tokens in the SDTF format in a JSON file.

This example uses the following parser:

  • to-sdtf to generate your design tokens in SDTF

If you use the CLI, you need to fill three properties:

  • repository is @organization/repository

  • personalAccessToken which you can generate in your account settings

  • rules are where you provide parsers and compatible options

  "version": "2",
  "repository": "@organization/repository",
  // Only use the personalAccessToken when working with the CLI
  "personalAccessToken": "<your-personal-access-token>",
  "rules": [
      "name": "Generate tokens in SDTF",
      "parsers": [
          "name": "to-sdtf",
          "output": {
            "type": "file",
            "filePath": "output/tokens.json"

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