Specify SDK

Distribute your design tokens and assets from Specify right from your codebase.

You are in Control

The Specify SDK is here to give you more power and freedom toward design token code generation. Built on top of our newly released format (SDTF), this brand new tool will help you build custom solutions tailor-shaped to your design token workflow. In a few words, the SDK provides all the necessary pieces and architecture you will need to ensure that you are in control of your design tokens system delivery. Written in TypeScript, it can also be used in a JavaScript environment.

Leverage the most advanced design token format

By levering your design token graph, the SDK provides all the methods needed to manipulate and transform the data coming from Specify. Whether it is about filtering and renaming tokens, groups and collections, deleting modes in tokens or transforming your data into any languages. Based on the Specify engine and parsers technology, you'll benefit from their flexibility without any maintenance.

Built to suit your standards

The idea behind the SDK is also for you to have more freedom on the output. Meaning that if the current parser technology doesn't meet your standards entirely, you can add custom codes among the pipeline chain. Everything is executable locally so you are not tied to a vendor, which allows you to create your own dedicated delivery engine that follows your company standards.

Let's jump in!

How to get started? Easy as pie, follow our Getting started section to grasp the best usage of the SDK.

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