POST /parsers-engine-rpc

Execute the Parsers Engine against a given input and Parsers Rules.


Method: POST

Authentication: required



Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: PAT <your-personal-access-token>

Request Body

type ParsersEngineRPCRequestBody = {
  dataBox: ParsersEngineDataBox;
  rules: Array<ParserRule>;
  returnedKeys?: {
    output?: boolean;
    next?: boolean;
    errorMessages?: boolean;
    warningMessages?: boolean;
    informationMessages?: boolean;

Response Body

type ParsersEngineResults = Array<{
  pipelineName: string;
  isFromRule: boolean;
  status: "success" | "error";
    | {
        type: "files";
        files: Array<{
          path: string;
            | { type: "text"; text: string }
            | { type: "url"; url: string };
    | {
        type: "JSON";
        json: unknown;
    | {
        type: "text";
        text: string;
    | {
        type: "SDTF";
        graph: SpecifyDesignTokenFormat;
    | null;
  next: ParsersEngineDataBox | undefined;
  errorMessages: Array<{
    type: "error";
    content: string;
    errorKey: string;
  warningMessages: Array<{
    type: "warning";
    content: string;
    errorKey: string;
  informationMessages: Array<{
    type: "information";
    content: string;

The response is an array where each item is the result of the rule given in the request, at the same index.

The output type matches the output configured within the rule given in the request.

The route always respond with a 200 code. Error state is represented by the status property in response object.


Here's a simple example to get the raw tokens in JSON from a repository called all-design-datain the @acme-inc workspace:

curl -X POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: PAT <YOUR-PERSONAL-ACCESS-TOKEN>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
  "dataBox": {
    "type": "repository",
    "owner": "@acme-inc",
    "name": "all-design-data"
  "rules": [
      "name": "HTTP Extract",
      "parsers": [
          "name": "to-sdtf",
          "output": {
            "type": "file",
            "filePath": "tokens.json"

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