What is a Source?


A Source represents where the original design data come from - think of Figma (Variables or Local Styles) or Tokens Studio.

You can add many sources into a repository.

Learn more about the available Sources compatible with Specify.

Collecting the design data

Once a source is configured, Specify starts to collect your design data. Over this process, the SDTF Engine acquires, validates and converts the original data into a SDTF token tree that get stored within the repository.

From this point on, you can synchronize your source(s) with Specify anytime, at a click of a button.

You can review your sources status by heading to any repository page on the Specify webapp.

Repository with many sources

Data from many sources get automatically merged into a consolidated SDTF token tree. If Specify detects a conflict over sources, it will refuse to synchronize the first source that cause the conflict and turn it into an error state.

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