Distribute your design tokens and assets via automated Pull Requests.

Specify will sync your GitHub repository if you have a config file .specifyrc.json saved at the root of your GitHub repository.


Please make sure you have:

  • A GitHub account

  • A Specify account

  • One or multiple Specify repositories containing some design tokens.

Want to connect a GitHub repository from your GitHub organization? Please make sure you have the correct access rights. Otherwise, you'll need an owner to approve your installation request.

Connecting Specify and GitHub

Once you've connected your GitHub account, Specify has to know what design tokens to synchronize and how.

  1. Go to the Specify Advanced Repository you want to distribute design data from

  2. Go to its "Destinations" page

  3. Click on "Create Pipeline"

  4. Select "GitHub application"

  5. Connect or select your GitHub account

  6. Select the GitHub repository you want to distribute your design data to

  7. Name for your configuration file (Learn More ↗︎)

  8. Create the Pull Request containing your configuration file

  9. Merge the PR created by Specify containing your configuration file

  10. Specify will now automatically sync design data to your GitHub repository 🎉

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