Consume your design tokens and assets over HTTP requests.

Access raw data

Using the Specify HTTP API, you access the most barebone data directly out of our generation services. Thus, you can fetch your design tokens, manipulate them programmatically, and integrate them smoothly into any development workflow.

Work with any language

Your project cannot support JavaScript or TypeScript? Bring your own language and integrate seamlessly with Specify resources.

Generate upon request

The HTTP API leverage the Parsers Rules to let you instruct transformations to your SDTF design tokens right when you make the request making sure the data you receive is up to date with your repository.

Get started

The Specify HTTP API is read-only upon your design data.

To use the HTTP API, you'll need:

  • A Specify account with at least one repository, filled with design data from any source.

  • A personal access token 👉 generate one.

Jump to the HTTP API section to get started.

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