What is a Destination?


A destination belongs to a Repository, it represents where the formatted design data flow on updates - think of GitHub or any automation you can come up with our CLI and SDK.

You can add many destinations into a single repository. Read more about the available Destinations compatible with Specify.

Distributing the design data

Once your repository is filled in, you will start to distribute your design data throughout your design system consumers, starting with development teams.

The destinations offer several levels of control over the transformation required to meet your company standards.

Two main APIs at stake here:

  • The Parsers Engine, accessible via all destinations, offers an high level abstraction to directly transform any SDTF token tree into many well-known technologies like CSS, tailwind, style-dictionary… Read more about Parsers.

  • The SDTF Engine, accessible via the SDK, offers a fine grained control over your SDTF token tree by allowing any mutation and post-process hooks, directly in your codebase.

Getting started with templates

If you are planning to use the CLI or GitHub, you can head over to our Destination templates that will help you start distributing your token to the main common use cases.

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