What is Specify?

We provide the first Design Data Platform allowing you to send your design tokens and assets across your design system tools. Specify is built with this idea: configure once, synchronize anytime.

Specify is a central and tool-agnostic platform. It means you can integrate your daily applications to collect, store and distribute your design decisions to the right teams, in the right format, at the right time. To sum things up, see Specify as the synchronization layer for your design data at the heart of your design system.

  • Designers, connect your favorite design tool, like Figma, and let Specify monitor and collect your design tokens and assets automatically. This way, you control what is sent to developers and reduce the risk of inconsistencies.

  • Developers, configure tailored transformation pipelines for every project and get design tokens and assets from wherever you want. Use our CLI or get automated GitHub Pull Requests.

  • Teams can benefit from a single source of truth and a continuous delivery system that ensures brand consistency.

In short, you have more time to focus on what matters most: your products and your end-users.

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