The Specify CLI helps you pull design tokens and assets from Specify right from your terminal.


Use the Specify CLI to integrate Specify in your workflow.

You can use the Specify CLI to:

  • Pull your design tokens in the right format using parsers

  • Test your configuration before using it in a GitHub repository

  • Sync a Specify repository


Install @specifyapp/cli via npm or Yarn.

npm install -g @specifyapp/cli



Initialize a Specify configuration tailored for a specific output format. See all configuration templates.

specify init


Pull design tokens and assets from your Specify repository.

specify pull [flags]


Sync a Specify repository to update its design tokens and assets.

specify sync [flags]


Flags are parameters you can pass while launching the command. All of these parameters are optional if you use a config file.

-C, --config-path

Relative path to your Specify config file.

-r, --repository

The name of the Specify repository you want to pull your design tokens and assets from.

-p, --personal-access-token

The Specify Personal Access Token used to authenticate your actions.

Need a personal access token? Generate one ↗

-R, --rules

Rules Specify will follow to generate design tokens and assets in your desired output format.


Execute command without actually writing files. Use this flag to test the output of a configuration without generating files.

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