Getting started

Here’s a 5 minute guide on how to use different features within the Advanced Repository based on the Specify Design Token Format.

Introducing the Specify Design Token Format

Specify is building an entirely new Design Token Format (SDTF) to base our platform on a new design token graph. In short, this means that we are developing a format that enables more possibilities to add code-type sources and destinations than before. The new graph will facilitate managing a large number of design token types and assets. Next to this, it opens doors to more advanced features such as Aliases, Modes, and Collections.

In a more practical sense, the SDTF opens up compatibility with Figma Variables and Tokens Studio as a source alongside the existing Figma local styles compatibility. It also creates opportunities to create code output that includes aliases, modes, and collections.

All of these features come together in the Specify Advanced Repository.

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